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What's New

1. Chris Hillman's Animatronics & Robotics Links
          Really great site with over 4000 links. 
2. Communist Robot
          Really nice site emphasizing anthropomorphic robots.
3. SUPER Artificial Intelligence Links page.
          Site built by Sergio Navega of Sao Paulo, Brazil..
154KB of information; 1450 links
4. David Cary's Robotics links
176KB of information; 1250 links
5. Robotics in Japan - Table of Contents
VERY complete list of research in Japan.
147KB of information; 500 links
6. Robotics in Germany - Table of Contents
It appears that Uwe R. Zimmer ,who compiled the above
two lists, has taken a temporary research position
in Japan. That should be fun for him.
117KB of information; 500 links
7. Ronald S. Fearing's Links Page
104KB of information; 575 links
8. Robotcafe - Commercial site
20 pages of links; 500 links + 225 University links
9. Hobbytron
Lots of robots, kits, and links.
83KB of information; 435 links
10. Web Corner: Robotics
Excellent site with very useful links in many catagories
49KB of information; 350 links
11. Arrick Robotics resources   Excellent. Kits. Resouces etc.
44KB of information; 350 links
12. Some places with graphical robots
38KB of information; 350 links
13. FutureBots   Long list of Electronic Parts suppliers
28KB of information; 325 links
14. AI Laboratory - Zurich
40KB of information; 300 links
15. Active Robots - UK                  
          Lots of links - I couldn't count them all.
16. Professor Martin Smith's Robotics Resource  - UK
          Lots of links - I couldn't count them all.


17. Polycosmos Links List - very good list is back up again!
50KB of information; 275 links
18. Tech Geek     No adverts just good links
37KB of information; 215 links
19. Jeff's All Things Robot Links
32KB of information; 200 links
20. Robotics Groups and Laboratories - University of Sheffield (UK)
32KB of information; 150 links
21. Machine Grid -  Robotics site by Gerry Sequeira
          Nice site offering hardware, tutorials, forums, ...    
22. Robots Direct  - Nice robot site by Lain Londesborough
          Nice site offering hardware, books, tutorials, forums, etc..   


          Lists of University links all over the world

          braintrack_400.gif (8598 bytes)

          The following list is maintained by Klaus Forster at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.  It contains links to over 6,200 universities worldwide.

          ww_univ_list.gif (1828 bytes)

The Australian Education Network sent me a new link for
          Universities in Australia
The following lists were compiled by Christina DeMello of MIT
Universities in Canada          145 links
Universities in China               60 links
Universities in Finland             22 links
Universities in France             76 links
Universities in Germany       100 links
Universities in Hong Kong       7 links
Universities in Japan            127 links
Universities in Switzerland     25 links
Universities in Taiwan            47 links
Universities in UK               140 links
This list was compiled by the University of Texas
Universities in the US (By State)        2000 links