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 4 degree of freedom Android Fingers are now available

Only $55 each unassembled  or $110 each assembled

Available in 3 sizes - small, medium, and large (same price)

Your choice of colors - red, yellow, green, blue, black, white

Android Eyes     Boneyard3.jpg (98033 bytes)     Kits from $100 - $1500

Haptic/Tactile/Touch Sensor board     BFSR1.jpg (75928 bytes)     $595 with 35 FSRs

                Educational Discount of $100 available

We have manufactured some two pin connectors which make the connections to the board much easier.  These connectors have 18 inch wires (1/4" stripped) and fit tightly on the 20 pin headers with .1 inch spacing.

wire_bunch1.jpg (80467 bytes)  wires2.jpg (69722 bytes)

They are available now at $3 each. 


     Force Sensing Resistors (FSRs) - to measure pressure

    Want to try out some FSRs?   $4 each


      6-axis Analog Gyro/accelerometer Board     New_Gyro_Bd.jpg (72883 bytes)    

         Price reduced to ***** $595 *******

         Educational Discount of $100 available

      6-axis Digital Gyro/accelerometer Board          Kit is $1495

INS6A.jpg (16655 bytes)

                  Educational Discount of $100 available

       Android/Humanoid Head    <= please buy here

                 skull_front.jpg (92107 bytes)        Face_front.jpg (96648 bytes)         skull_back.jpg (90196 bytes)

     The face shown above still has the flashing attached.  You simply trim off the excess as you wish.  The face is life-size (5" wide by 8" tall).  The whole head is 12" tall.   Rear skin section is not shown but is included in the kit.   Silicone face is easily washable with soap and water.  Use baby powder to reduce sticky feel.  Use Shin-etsu caulking compound to attach silicone.    Includes 4 ears as well (2 small & 2 medium).

8 piece head kit  $295

Shin - Etsu caulking compound - $15


Mini-SSC Servo Controller by Scott Edwards Electronics    

      Controls up to 8 servos for just $50 (with cable)


VSA Servo control software (V5.0 Hobbyist) by Brookshire Software

      Controls up to 64 servos (with .wav files too) for just $79.95

                  vsa_screen.jpg (37867 bytes)    

      Ears:  Made from Silicone    $30   ( or 4 for $40)

          ears.jpg (62211 bytes)


Medium ears - 69mm x 47mm



Small ears - 60mm x 38mm




4 ears - 2 medium & 2 small



Next day shipping



     Eyes:   Plastic 26mm human sized     $12/pair

           eyes_ok.jpg (121799 bytes)   light brown, blue, green, dark brown.

           Free shipping inside the USA.

       Sorry, my supplier has raised his price - so I must too.



Light Brown eyes - $12


 Dark Brown eyes - $12



Blue eyes - $12


 Green eyes - $12



Violet eyes - $12


Violet eyes - $12



Shipping to Europe - $2


Shipping to Asia - $3


     Teeth:   Set of 28 human adult sized teeth     $149




Comments?   Email me at