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1. Kevin Hoh from Malaysia has build a full-sized android with 30 DOF.  His work is very impressive and he is working alone.  His website is here.   He calls his robot, Olano2.  The fingers of his android work individually (contrast with Asimo)

 Great job Kevin!

olano02.jpg (66871 bytes)     olanofinger02.jpg (56488 bytes)

2.  James Bruton from Surrey, UK, sent me an email about the androids he is building.  He now has a new website for his projects called XRobots.   He is now working on his 7th android. WOW!  He has a lot of fun things on his new site.  Check it out.

 Bruton7.jpg (22710 bytes)     

   Stickman (7)               Hybrotron (6)  


     Combotron (5)             Killertron (4)      

Great job James!  

(* Updated 08/01/2005 *)

3. Devon from New York has built a very interesting humanoid which he calls the Nanofly. This robot has 20 DOF, stands 25 inches (63 cm) tall and weighs 24 pounds (11 Kg).  Here is a website for Nanofly. Nanofly's computer system is inside the robot. It can operate wirelessly by GPS navigation. Nanofly can also be programmed for entertainment or it can just show off what it can do like dancing, walking , talking, etc..

nanofly1.jpg (55275 bytes)    nanofly3.jpg (112387 bytes)   

4. Special Mention  Katsuhisa Ito from Tokyo, Japan has built another SUPER android called Silf-H2.  It has 20 DOF and is 25 cm tall. He has movies on his site too.  (* NEW *)

    Silf2front.jpeg (41721 bytes)    Silf2back.jpg (41079 bytes)

5. John Shepherd from the UK sent me an email about his HUGE android called "Cyborg". John has built this robot by himself - WOW!  It stands 5'4" (163 cm) tall and weighs 200 Kg (440 lbs). It can walk taking 45cm (20") strides.  Very impressive.  It now has 20 DOF.

.new_cyborg.jpg (32785 bytes)     NEW picture 12/23/04

I think "Cyborg" will earn John a lot of offers.

John has built another robot he calls "Droid".  WOW! I wish he was on my team. Droid stands 5 feet tall, weighs 120 pounds (55 Kg), and has 18 DOF.  It can walk and stand on one leg.  John has a website which will be coming up soon.  

droid2.jpg (18132 bytes)    Droid

6. The Nishimura Robot Club in Japan has a nice humanoid project. It uses RC servos for muscles - like several other projects around the world.

        japan_humanoid.jpg (14090 bytes)     

  Nishimura Robot Club's humanoid.   

7. Tara the female android has been built by John Bergeron at a cost of about $2,000. This android is about 5' 10" tall.  It is not available for sale or rental yet. Tara is anthropomorphic but cannot walk.  Tara is now starring in her own Music Video DVD.

tara.jpg (23565 bytes)  

  See Tara's Android Music Video.

8. Roger Starnes (UK) has built a small humanoid which he calls Scarlet (see bottom of page).  It is driven by 15 PICs and 30 servos. Great job Roger. 

     Scarlet.jpeg (13924 bytes)     Scarlet (in his stand).

9. Dan Gates sent me an email about his walker called S.A.M.M. (for servo actuated mechanical man). His little humanoid looks very professional and perhaps a marketable toy. Super job Dan! 

   samm.jpg (43564 bytes)     samm2.jpg (37415 bytes)   

10. Tokyo Institute of Technology has a project called Super Mechano Boy. It is about 50 cm tall and has 9 DOF.  It was built by Fumihiko Asano and Norihiro Kamamichi. Kamamichi-san's page has more pictures and lots of videos. This robot is supposed to be an acrobat.

titech1.jpg (15898 bytes)   titech2.jpg (13416 bytes)  

11. Mr. Hirota sent me an email about his tiny walking android. He has lots of different robots on his site.   The walking android is his 6th robot project. He also has a movie of his android walking.   Hirota-san also gave me a link to a walking robot club in Japan called Robo-One. Some of them are listed in the following panels.

HIROTAP6.JPG (66367 bytes)   Hirota-san's walking robot.

12. Here is KHR-02 built by K. Yoshimura of the SuperMachineR club. Here are some more pix.

KHR_pic2.jpg (13864 bytes)   KHR-02.

13. Here is KHR-03 also built by K. Yoshimura of the SuperMachineR club. Here are some more pix

KHR-03.JPG (15191 bytes)   KHR-03.

14  Here is R-Blue built by the  SuperMachineR club.

R-BULE_04.jpg (12844 bytes)     R-Blue

15. There are also two tiny androids built by the Phantom Ring club.  This one is called LandGame5.

phantom_ring_05.jpg (11296 bytes)   Phantom Ring 5.

16. Here is the 2nd android built by the Phantom Ring club. Its called TrueGriffon.

griffon_06.jpg (22891 bytes)

17. This is a small walker built by the Tokyo Institute of Technology.   Its called A1216. This android is also part of the "Newmanoid Project". In fact, it looks like it has grown an upper half too. 

A1216.jpg (7711 bytes)      newmanoid1.jpg (29453 bytes)   

18. Here is RWK02 built by the Fukuchi Robot Laboratory. 

RWK02_09.JPG (15283 bytes)      

19. Here is the MK-2IR -1 built by the National Ibaraki Technical College. It reminds you of the robot from the movie RoboCop - except much smaller of course.

Ibaraki_tech_11.jpg (12773 bytes)       

20. Here is one called Zaku-1. It was built by the Model Workshop. It is 30 cm tal and weighs 0.6 Kg. 

  zaku01.jpg (3614 bytes)   Zaku -1.

21. This entry is called RC-Gundam. It was built by Daisuke Matsumoto. It is 30 cm tall, the width is 13.5 cm and depth is 9 cm, and it weighs 0.5 Kg.  

rc_gundam.jpg (8070 bytes)    RC-Gundam

22. Finally, the Nagano Industrial High School built this one. It is 44 cm tall.  

naganoHS.jpg (9371 bytes)   Nagano HS

23. Michael Harte from SCOTLAND sent me a packet of pictures of his android project. Its over 7 feet tall (2.2m)! His android is EXTREMELY impressive for one person - its even impressive for a whole group!  You can see he is using pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.  You can also see he has four controller cards already built in. The right picture shows what appears to be body armour in place on the torso.   Perhaps he is building an android soldier.

  MHarte3.jpg (159715 bytes)      MHarte1.jpg (53759 bytes)   

24. Lurch (nearly 7 feet tall) was built at the University of Alabama by Mike Downey and friends. It has 7 DOF.   

lurch.jpg (5915 bytes)     Lurch

25. Walter Fritz from Buenos Aires, Argentina is building  Robby the household humanoid robot. Robby will be 4'3" tall and weigh about 85 pounds. Walter has sent us another new picture.  Robby is progressing well. Walter has now posted an E-Book called "Intelligent Systems and Their Societies" on his site.

  robby3.gif (50621 bytes)    withAir1.GIF (129941 bytes)       withAir2.GIF (48275 bytes)     Robby4.jpg (39483 bytes) 

26.& 27. Prof. Thomas Braunl  of the University of Western Australia is building an android he calls Johnny Walker.     Prof. Braunl is director of the Mobile Robot Lab .  They have now built a new android called Jim Beam.

 eyebot.jpg (13404 bytes)    eyebot2.jpg (15655 bytes)   

    Johnny Walker          Jim Beam

28. Prof. Gordon Wyeth and several of his students have started a project called GuRoo (for Grossly Underfunded Roo) at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia.  GuRoo will have 23 degrees of freedom and will stand 1.2 m tall. Its projected weight is 30kg.

guroo.jpg (9575 bytes)

29. Saul Cisneros is starting his own android project too.  He has started a new website which is here.  You may email Saul here

(* UPDATED *)  

     Saul_Logo.jpg (6463 bytes)   

30. Frank Kirchner, who works at the Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Gernamy, is working on an android he calls "two legs". It is 55cm tall, weighs about 10 pounds and has 20 DOF.

    twolegs.jpg (124062 bytes)     Twolegs

31. Bob Mottram in the UK has a small robot project which he calls Rodney.  He has vision and 14 DOF. It appears that he is controlled with servos.

   rodney.jpg (44180 bytes)    Rodney.

32. AIST in Japan has a small project called MR1. It is only 13" (33cm) tall and has only 4 DOF, but it apparently can walk! Wow! Very impressive. Here is a link to their site (Japanese) and a rough English translation of it.   They have some really good links if you can read Japanese or want to struggle with Babelfish translations.

     MR1.jpg (7001 bytes)

33. Carlos Miguel sent me an email about his android project. His android can stand up.  Very impressive.  He even has a movie on his site and lots of pictures of his balancing robot.  Its about 3 feet tall.

         carlos_miguel.jpg (52253 bytes)        51KB.   

34. Charles D. Engler Jr. is building a personal assistant household robot. It will be about 5'8" tall and weigh about 80 pounds. It will be sexless but will have 49 degrees of freedom.

          narpic1.jpg (7814 bytes)   Image is 8K.

35. Ivan Estevez of Bogota, Colombia has build a very advanced android.  It has 30 DOF, speech recognition, stereo vision system (motion detection, skin detection, 3D reconstruction space), autonomus motion for 3 hours, 120 voice comands, and speech synthesis as well.   WOW!   He calls his android Vincent.   Very impressive.  (* new 03/09/2006 *)

     vincent.jpg (24791 bytes)     Vincent.

36. Sharat Sharma   from India has built an analog robot. As you can see from the photo, this is a great accomplishment for one person. He also sent me some more info about it.

  Sharma.jpg (7208 bytes)   7KB

37. Mark Medonis sent me an email about an animatronic head he is working on. His robot is called Maxwell. It does speech synthesis and lip sync at the same time. Wow! Mark has a company called Medonis Engineering. He is now offering Maxwell as an animatronic kit. He also offers electronic components for robot builders.        

   max97.jpg (37202 bytes)           max98.jpg (44443 bytes)     

            36KB                          43KB

38. Patrick M. Rael has built an animatronic head as the first step of his android project. His android is called Robot Maxamilian or R.Max for short. He also has web pages which tell how you can duplicate his feat for about $600. His eyes pan and tilt and have video cameras inside them. 

          rmax2.jpg (17771 bytes)      R.Max's head (51KB).

39 & 40.  Imperial College (London, England) has two small projects called FLIP & FLOP.  They have a staff of 4 professors working on the project. The leader is Prof. Murray Shanahan.  They also have a human torso project called Ludwig

       flipflop.jpg (337896 bytes)   Flip & Flop

41. Dave Everett is building various robots including domestic service robots and androids. Dave has built the legs of his android first. As the photo below shows, each leg has 5 degrees of freedom. Dave lives in Australia.

          IM09.JPG (61322 bytes)      Image is 60K

42. Ron LeBlanc has put together a first class android website which he calls Cybotix.  He is working hard on his own android called RALF. Ron has just sent us a new picture of RALF!!   Ron lives in Toronto, Canada.  (* UPDATED 08/02/03 *)

                          ralfpic.jpg (172634 bytes)    


43. Ron LeBlanc and some of his friends have started another android project called -   The United Android Project.  They are trying to get a group together to build an android utilizing the skills and knowledge of all.  They has set up messages boards and anyone who is interested in androids is welcome to join.  Check them out. 

       T1a.jpg (54988 bytes)   

44  I received an email from Del Jody, an Italian inventor, who has built a small humanoid which he calls the JHR-1. He has a really nice website  - with lots of pictures.. 

    Jodinsky.jpg (49998 bytes)    JHR-1   

45. Jacob Fredslund from Denmark has built a humanoid robot which he calls Elektra

          elektra2.jpg (30146 bytes)      Image is 29K

46.  Jacob Fredslund has another robot now called Dr. Watson.   This robot shows various facial expressions.  (* NEW *)

     DrWatson.jpg (106188 bytes)   <= Dr. Watson

47. And another one called feelix. It was built and programmed by Dolores Canamero and Jakob Fredslund from Lego Lab at Aarhus University.     (* NEW *)

      feelix.jpg (99973 bytes)    <= feelix

48. Brian Olson, a student at the Carnegie Mellon University is one of 5 guys who are building an anthropomorphic bipedal walker, called Iria.  The others are Jon Hurst, Rich LaBarca, Peter Sand, & Joe Giuliani.   They have some pix now, here.   And Brian has some close-ups on his site here

      iria_cmu.jpg (35738 bytes)     Iria stands about 18" (50cm) tall and is driven by servos.

49. The Robotics Club of Yahoo was formed 9/11/98 and now boasts 780 members worldwide. They call themselves TRCY.  They are going to build an android called Frank N. Stein.  No pix yet but here is another link to their project.
50. Mats Onnerby (from Sweden) sent me an email about the android he is building.  It stands 40 cm (16") tall and has 5 DOF in each leg.  It can walk. Mats is working on a head with one eye which will allow it to see.  It is controlled by a Basic Stamp II SX.  Here are some more pix of his robots.

      mats_android.jpg (55361 bytes)

51. Shuquig Zeng, a grad student at Michigan State University, is building   a humanoid robot too.  Four people are putting this android together:  Jianda Han, K.Tham, Shuquig Zeng and Prof. Juyang Weng, who is leading the project.  They call their robot "Dav".

    msu_dav.jpg (105031 bytes)

52. Another global android project called "Project Borg" was started at the end of June (2000). They have about 85 members already. They are planning to build a full sized android but are still in the design stage - so no pix yet. 53. Robbie Singh has built a mobile robot which is quite advanced.  It appears to be about 5' tall and 2' wide.

          singh1_robot.jpg (14267 bytes)     Robbie - 14KB

54. Koji Yoshino is building a VERY advanced robot.  He has both English and Japanese pages.  There is also a page which is devoted to just the legs.

koji_robot.jpg (22196 bytes)     yoshino_07.jpg (8165 bytes)

55. Jin Sato has built a small android he calls Mirai. There are only a couple of pages - and none in English.  It looks like about 12 DOF and 12" tall.

small_android_021002.jpg (22254 bytes)   Mirai by Jin Sato.

56. Carlos Alanis sent me an email from Mexico City about an android that he and his father have built. Its called Chuby. They don't have a website yet but here is a picture of Chuby.  He moves forward & backward, he turns left & right, his arms move, his head moves side to side & up and down. He plays music and flashes strobe lights. Great job!

          CHUBY.JPG (43270 bytes)      Chuby - 49KB.

57. Carlos Ferreira da Silva sent me an email about the android he and his friends, Ricardo Paraguassu and Daniel Rodrigues are building at the Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, Sao Paulo, Brazil, called "Joana Prado". Their android can move her arms and fingers. Good start guys.

Feiticeira06.jpg (115803 bytes)      Feiticeira07.jpg (116003 bytes)

58. Scott Nortman sent me an email about his android. Scott is an undergrad at the Univ of Flordia. His field of interest is electrical engineering.  His android is called Omnibot.

           nortman.jpg (66301 bytes)    Omnibot - 65KB.



59. Joe Rush sent me an email about his android called Electra (because she is all electric).  She is 63" (160cm) tall and weighs 85 pounds (39Kg).  Joe has built memory wire operated hands for her.  

joesbabe.jpeg (38098 bytes)      joerush_hand.jpeg (31048 bytes)  

    Electra                    electric hand

60. Chris Hillman has been working on a head for his android. It appears that his android will be a large male. He has many other projects underway too.

          hillmanhead.jpg (10636 bytes)     Image is 67KB

61. Monash University in Australia  is starting a humanoid robot project. They have four professors who are planning on participating. No pix yet.
62.  Li Ming De from Anshang Liaoning China has built a small walking humanoid.  Mr. Li is an electrician. His humanoid is about 20 cm tall and weighs 1 Kg.  The robot's stride is 4 cm.

    li-10.jpg (60700 bytes)    li-11.jpg (62945 bytes)

     Here are two more of his creations.  Excellent work!

           See next panel ==========>

      li-08.jpg (29066 bytes)       li-09.jpg (24802 bytes)


 我叫李明德,职业电工,51岁,是个孤独的业余机器人开拓者.   1997年开始研究机器人,研究机器人是我的嗜好与追求,它是我生命的一部分.   我只有小学六年文化,我不懂英语,最好能用中文和您交流,希望我们能成为朋友.

63. I received an email from Per L. in Sweden about his WALKING hexapod.  He gives a lot of info about how he did everything.  He includes a lot of info about driving servos and PIC controllers & Kinematics & Inverse kinematics.  (UPD 8/18/05)

            hexapod_swe.jpg (296517 bytes)

           Hexapod from Sweden.

64. Juliano Iuscu is a first year student in Melbourne, Australia.  He has build a very nice hand. You can contact Juliano here.  He now has a website here.

   Juliano_hand.jpg (39662 bytes)   Juliano_hand2.jpg (40645 bytes)    

65. Mike Otis has built a small humanoid which he calls Manatron. His humanoid has stands about 15" (38 cm) tall and weighs about one pound (0.4 Kg).  It is driven by several Basic Stamp microprocessors. What is most impressive is that his humanoid can walk, dance, and speak 6 languages - WOW!  Great job Mike.  


            Mike Otis' Manatron     

66. Andreas Maryanto of Surabaya, Indonesia sent me an email about his humanoid hand project.  He has lots of good pictures of it on his website here.   His hand has 11 DOF - 2 for each finger and one extra for the thumb.   He uses servo motors to operate the fingers.  Andreas is a grad student at the University of Surabaya.  Great job Andreas.

              maryanto_hand.jpg (210360 bytes)

            Maryanto Hand.

67. I received an email from Ikhsan Ishak, who is from the University Technology of Malaysia, about a biped which he and his coursemate, Mr. Ebnu, are building for their final year project for bachelor of Electrical Engineering  in Robotics. Their robot has 10 DOF, stands 30 cm tall and weighs about 3 Kg.  It is driven by a Basic Stamp and a servo controller and 10 servos of course. It can actually walk!   Great work guys.

     Ishak1.jpg (172684 bytes)      Ishak2.jpg (175545 bytes)    

68.  Tai Hsu is directing a humanoid project at Northwestern Polytechnic University in Fremont California. They are building a low cost servo driven humanoid which is similar to #63 (just to the left).  It has 10 DOF.  Their total cost is under $200.  Although they don't have any jpgs of their humanoid posted, they do have a video which shows it walking.   


69. Rodney from Australia has a project which he calls Tinman.   It is a full sized humanoid which moves on tracks like a tank.  His site is here.  Great work.

    tinman3.jpg (17305 bytes)   Tinman  (* new 3/22/06 *)


70.  Roger Starnes (who passed away in October of 2004) built many interesting robots.   Among them was a humanoid robot which he called Scarlet.   It was quite sophistocated.   It stands 67 cm tall, weighs 3.3 Kg, and has 31 degrees of freedom.

    Scarlet1.jpg (35901 bytes)     Scarlet

71.A group of Japanese college students have built a nice humanoid robot called EMMA-UOA.  The team leader is Nakano Hirofumi.   Their robot stands 22 cm tall and weighs only 0.85 Kg.   It has 23 degrees of freedom.   They have some nice videos of their robot in action.   Check it out.

    emma.gif (174058 bytes)   


72. A small company in Budapest, Hungary called LogIntSys has built two medium sized humanoids.   The team leader is Balazs Pecskal.   They call their humanoids Simon V2 and Simon V3.    Simon V2 stands 74 cm tall and weighs 3.5 Kg.   It has 24 degrees of freedom.

    Simonv2.jpg (50618 bytes)    Simon V2 

73. LogIntSys also has a humanoid called Simon V3.   It stands 115 cm tall and weighs 6 Kg.   It has 32 degrees of freedom.   They have done a very good job and their humanoids are the first I have seen from Hungary.

     Simonv3.jpg (69259 bytes)     Simon V3