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1.  Fixxon Realizacoes Criativas is a Brazilian (Portugese language) site located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They build all kinds of animatronic projects plus building robots and projects for theme parks.  

                 fixxon_sculpture.jpg (48738 bytes)

             Animatronic Santa                                      Sculptor at work

2.  Automates  is a French site about ancient automatons.  It has pages in several languages including English.  They have some good historical information about really old automatons. 


3. The Fright Catalog has a wide variety of animatronic animals and characters available. Here we see a scary head and a 3 legged purple people eater.   


4. Gary Willett from Ruston, Louisiana is building some fantastic masks.  He also makes his own teeth.  WOW! If you need some teeth for your monster - call him.  (* New 12/06/2005 *)

     GW_monster1.jpg (34943 bytes)         GW_teeth.jpg (28532 bytes)      

5. Duane Wingett & Blaise Visconti (Dorset, United Kingdom) have an animatronics company called V & W Animatronics. They have build a 20 ft (6m) long, 10 ft (3m) tall water-spitting Dilophosaurus. WOW! It is really spectacular. 

                       dilophosaurus2.jpg (98259 bytes)

6. Siobhan Hall, owner of Nimba Creations, sent me an email about the LIFE-SIZED tyrannosauraus-rex which they have built.  They also have a whole page of heads which they have done. Some are monsters and some look like normal people.  Super!   

       trex.jpg (107485 bytes)     16 feet tall (5 m) and 39 feet long (12 m)   T-Rex.

7. Studio 301 in Sarasota, Florida has a wide variety of animatronic animals, dinosaurs, and sci-fi characters. They have done many monsters for Hollywood movies. Their site includes a gallery of characters and also many videos of their characters in action.  

     studio301.jpg (124440 bytes)   familiar monsters from Studio 301.

8. Jim Boulden is the creative director at Animal Makers, the world's largest animal visual effects studio. They have an absolutely stunning array of animatronic animals which they have constructed. There are literally HUNDREDS of them and they are all fantastic! Here is a list of about 100 TV commercials they made JUST in 2001.  Take a look at these animatronic animals (just randomly picked out). 

AnimBear.jpg (20798 bytes)   BearSuit.jpg (8487 bytes)    MacawRed.jpg (24285 bytes)

9. Jean Paul Jeannet  has just opened a spectacular site called  FX Conception (<= new link). Its REALLY worth checking out! He does all kinds of animatronic stuff including prototypes, models, pneumatics and hydraulics.  He has many high profile customers such as Tokyo Disney World.  He sent me some pictures of his shop and one of his projects.  

     MY WORKS SHOP.JPG (46358 bytes)        MY FACE JOB.JPG (52038 bytes)

      His shop                    Jean Paul and one of his projects.

10.  Life Formations  has an excellent website. They offer a wide variety of animatronic figures (such as the one shown below). Check out their fabulous gallery. They also will construct specialty robots per your needs.

         franklin.jpg (17855 bytes)      17KB.

11. Garner Holt Productions   Garner Holt Productions builds life-like animatronic figures such as the indian chief shown below.

          chief.gif (26361 bytes)     Image is 26KB.

12. Sally Corp.  Sally Corporation also builds life-like animatronic figures such as their Darwin figure shown below (left).  On the right is a new picture of "Nazeer" their featured storyteller in their latest interactive dark ride -- The Challenge of Tutankhamon -- which opened this past summer in Brussels.  

          darwin.jpg (5167 bytes)                    Nazeer

13. Here is a fun site called Animatronic Bear.  The animal  impersonators from AnimatronicBear.Com bring bears, tigers and other animals to life blending state-of-the-art and traditional costuming and puppetry techniques.
 (* NEW 12/6/2005 *)


14. GEMS (UK)  GEMS builds life-like animatronic figures too. 


15. AVG Company  AVG also builds life-like animatronic figures. 

          avg_dino.jpg (29684 bytes)          

16. The Character Shop  TCS builds life-like animatronic animals for Hollywood movies. The elephant shown below was used in Dumbo Drop.

          elephant.jpg (64600 bytes)   Image is 63KB. 

17. Dreamation Animatronics  Dreamation builds animatronic animals too. Shown below is Zazu the parrot.

          zazu.jpg (7220 bytes)   Image is 7KB. 

18. Walter Klassen Company  Walter Klassen has built some really good animatronic animals. Shown below is his alligator.  

          gator.jpg (11261 bytes)   Image is 11KB. 

19. Want to see how they built Yoda? The Yoda project will show you.

          yoda.jpg (15615 bytes)    Image is 15KB. 

20. How about a monster? Works of Imagination built this one which I think we saw in some horror movie or was it the X-files?

          monster.jpg (11859 bytes)   Image is 12KB. 

21. Don't miss Chris Hillman's Animatronics Pages  Chris has an amazing number of animatronics links.

22.  Elcarimat FX is a special effects studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  They do work for the Cinema & Entertainment Industry.  Contact artistic director Christian Gruaz.   They have some great projects - such as the following:     (* NEW 10/28/2006 *)



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