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 Additional specs, order form, and other information on this page.

Valerie is the most advanced android in the world having more degrees of freedom than any android shown up to now. She uses the AT&T speech synthesizer giving the most human-sounding voice available today.  She is also easily the most anthropomorphic android available.  She will have a high degree of artificial intelligence due to our proprietary AI software - and a generalized interface to the internet (the only existing super-intelligence).

***** Note: The initial version will be English only *****

Anyone wishing to purchase a Valerie android, call Chris Willis at 940-783-1364

        Val_001.jpg (168524 bytes)        Val_002.jpg (172532 bytes)       Val_003.jpg (167780 bytes)       Val_004.jpg (157482 bytes)

               Valerie (mannequin) in our living room.

        Val_005.jpg (127308 bytes)        Val_006.jpg (159023 bytes)       Val_007.jpg (158988 bytes)      Val_008.jpg (152573 bytes)     

              Valerie (mannequin) in the dining room.

        Val_010.jpg (155743 bytes)       Val_012.jpg (219970 bytes)      Val_013.jpg (148709 bytes)       Val_014.jpg (149732 bytes)

              Valerie (mannequin) in the front foyer.



     What Valerie CAN and CANNOT do.   
     Speech - multi-language synthesizer
Note:  Initial version will be English only.
You heard a sample of her voice when you loaded
           this page. Would you like to try it yourself?
     Binaural hearing
     Color binocular vision:  
We will use the new PC207XP
Cost: $160 each from Supercircuits (800-335-9777)
  High degree of intelligence:
      Learning methods:
Rote memory
Monkey see - monkey do (visual imitation)
Logical inference
Fuzzy logic
Neural networks
See:   "Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems" by Bart Kosko

  We have completed the shell pieces for Valerie's legs.

           legs2.jpg (37113 bytes)     


    MOVIES of a completed finger in action

Here is an example of her AI programming 

Now offering our 1st AI Product

AI CD #1 - containing 90MB of data including: A full 180,000+ word dictionary, a thesaurus, the CIA 2003 World Factbook, a full King James Bible, a full Koran, list of male names, female names, and family names, World Countries, US counties, US places, flags of the world, list of 2000 most frequently used words in English, list of swear words, familiar quotes, and more.

       Over 90MB of data -  just $50 - including postage


   Expert system databases:  These lists will be used to answer questions

Linnean Classification list of all Bird species in the World  
       29 orders,  201 families,  2073 genera,  10010 species
                     (Available on a CD for $20)
Linnean Classification list of all Mammal species in the World  
       28 orders,  161 families,  747 genera,  4939 species
                     (Available on a CD for $20)
Linnean Classification list of all Dinosaur species in the World  
       2 orders,  70 families,  673 genera,  995 species
                     (Available on a CD for $20)

    Other senses
    SMELL - new chip from CYRANO Sciences, Inc.
NOTE: The Cyrano Sciences smell chip costs $8000, so it will NOT be part of
                 the standard Valerie android.
Other articles on "smelling"
Scientific American article
Electronic noses
See also "Science News", vol. 157, no. 8, Feb. 19, 2000, pages 125-127.
NOTE: Since Valerie cannot eat, she will NOT have a taste sensor.
Kyushu Univ in Japan has developed a taste sensor.
Another project in Malaysia
Another article
Short list (4) of references.
    Muscle mechanisms:    See Muscle Options Compared
Pneumatics - medium muscles
Hydraulics - strong muscles
Steppers - small fast muscles
Servos - small slow muscles

  Below is the head with the eyes mounted in it.  It also has the teeth mounted in the jaws and the lower jaw hinged to the upper jaw.  We have the molds for the face and head completed.

    HD104.jpg (47610 bytes)      HD101.jpg (47886 bytes)    

    HD107.jpg (49230 bytes)      HD108.jpg (48331 bytes)    valerie_pix.gif (431238 bytes)

     Silicone face (over Ultracal 30 core)              With hair added.

      V_c.jpg (79325 bytes)      V_rt.jpg (123265 bytes)      VH_rt.jpg (29283 bytes)      VH_c.jpg (30902 bytes)  

Height: 5'10" in shoes.
Weight:  Perhaps 150 pounds ???
Degrees of freedom: about 111
  Pictures of the body molds:  

          Front of body           Back of body           Left leg molds          Right leg molds           Feet

body_front.jpg (106735 bytes)      body_back.jpg (93750 bytes)      left_leg.jpg (206558 bytes)      right_leg.jpg (208470 bytes)      feet.jpg (74166 bytes)


     Here are some pictures of our first HAND (without skin).

           back_of_hand.jpeg (54632 bytes)       palm.jpeg (41107 bytes)       compare_hand.jpeg (52886 bytes)     

                Back                           Palm                     Comparison

        Videos of the hand:


Chris Willis
Android World, President
3311 Santa Monica Dr.
Denton, TX., 76205, USA    
phone:  (US) 940-783-1364
General Information: