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Recommended Suppliers

1. Pololu Robotics.   A new robotics site in Las Vegas.   
    They have lots of robot kits, robot parts, and robot electronics.
    They have CHEAP  8 & 16 servo controllers - also motor controllers.
    They offer prototyping and laser cutting services too.  1-877-776-5658
2. Video Cameras. Check out Supercircuits.
    They have some very tiny color cameras for $150 or less.
    You can call them in Texas at 1-800-335-9777.
3. Alinabal. They offer various studded rod ends, otherwise
    known as ball-and-socket joints - android sized!
    You can call them in Connecticut at 1-800-254-6763.
4. Polytek Development Corp. They offer all kinds of mold making
    supplies. This includes two part rubbers for making molds
    and two part plastics for making parts. (Easton, PA) 1-800-858-5990.
5. Special Effect Supply Company. They have hundreds of items for the
    android builder, including mold making supplies, foam latex,
    instructional videos, ... Salt Lake City, Utah, 801-936-9762.

Recommended Engineers

1. Regis Serrat . Regis is a very good EE and can also build boards.
    He has his own company called Advanced Controls and Communications.
    He built the Touch Sensor Board which Android World Inc is offering and
              also the Gyro/Accelerometer board we are offering.
    You can call him in Las Vegas at 702-379-8991
2. John Bergeron. John is a very good engineer. He has built
    several circuits for me.  He built the Tara android which is
    listed on the smaller android projects page.  
    Mr. Bergeron is in Vermont.

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