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What's New
1. NASA now has a new two armed space-station manipulator called Dextre.   Dextre was
  •        built by the Canadian Space Agency and is now installed on the ISS (International
  •        Space Station).    Here is a nice article.     And another article.
  •              528KB image   (* NEW *)

    2. NASA now has an EAP (Electro-Active Polymer) head project.
    This is a project funded by JPL in Pasadena, CA.  The head was
    sculpted by David Hanson.

              nasa_head.jpg (133168 bytes)   Lulabot by David Hanson of UTD. 

    3. NASA's space android called Robonaut
    This is a project at Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX which is
    under the direction of Robert Savely. It has been underway for
    about 2.5 years. They have a staff of about 25.  Robonaut's hands
              have 14 DOF each.  I wonder how much it cost?

              robonaut_new.jpg (19055 bytes)         robonaut_hand.jpg (30616 bytes)

             Robonaut                      Showing fingers

    4. NASA has a small project at the Johnson Space Center called DART
    for Dexterous Anthropomorphic Robotic Testbed. It has a head with
    two eyes and two rather clumsy arms with three fingered hands.

              dartx.jpg (16673 bytes)      16K image  (beware their image is 430K)

    5. NASA has an entertainment android called EVA at the Johnson Space
    Center in Houston (Clear Lake actually), TX. It is a female android.
    Her head has 3 DOF and she has two arms ending in fully
    articulated 5 fingered hands. Unfortunately, due to EVA being
    in a darkened room, I couldn't get very good pictures of her.

              eva5.jpg (73616 bytes)      72KB          eva3.jpg (29424 bytes)        29KB

    More NASA links

    1. NASA has a great page dealing with Human Spaceflight 

    2. NASA Telerobotics page of Internet Robotics Resources
    This one has an excellent list of University programs in North America
    3. NASA Robot Web Links    
    Here are a bunch of robots NASA has built for various projects.
    4. NASA Robotics site.      
    This is an educational website with activities for students and
    teachers, videos of robotics competition, and cool robot links.
    This link was sent in by Jacob Bowland.
    5. NASA Space Center, Houston (Clear Lake), TX
    6. NASA Headquarters - Washington DC
    7. Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
    8. Kennedy Space Center, Florida
    9. JPL, (Jet Propulsion Lab), Pasadena, CA
    10. JPL Robotics Links    
    Here are a bunch of robots JPL has built for various projects.
    10. WHOLE TREE of NASA links.