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  VSA (V5.0 Hobbyist) (CD version)  Servo control software by Brookshire Software

            vsa_screen.jpg (37867 bytes)

Visual Servo Automation (VSA) is the first visual solution to servo control and automation.  Using the Mini-SSC, SV203, and SMI, VSA breaks away from traditional solutions and realizes that complex animatronics, robotics, and other servo systems demand a sophisticated solution.

      Controls up to 128 servos;      Plays AUDIO files simultaneously with servo motion

      Brands supported include:  Scott Edwards, Pololu, Maestro, SV203, Parallax, Propeller, PicoPic, Lynxmotion

VSA offers a simple, visual approach: All pertinent information is displayed visually and immediately available to, and adjustable by, the user.  Text based entry of ambiguous servo positions makes automation authoring difficult and time consuming. With VSA it is easy to see and adjust what is going on at each point in the program: What servos are moving? Where the servos are moving? How fast are they moving? When will they stop moving?

VSA visually incorporates audio files. Great for animatronics, a wave or MP3 file can accompany each routine. This audio file is graphically displayed, greatly easing the task of lip sync and other sound dependent actions.  Visual servo control, visual editing, graphic wave files, and extensive play control make VSA the servo control software of choice.

Cost: Buy a CD version including shipping in the USA for $79.95

Cost: Buy a CD version including shipping to Europe for $85

Mini-SSC II Servo Controller by Scott Edwards Electronics

The Mini SSC II is a fully assembled module that includes a convenient phone-style jack for serial hookup, Futaba-J servo output headers, a sync LED to indicate when valid data is received, and switchable servo range/resolution (90 range with 0.36 resolution, or up to 180 motion and 0.72 resolution). 

Dimensions are : 1.4 in (35mm) x 2.1 in (53 mm)

Data Sheet         Manual            FAQ

        Minissc.jpg (7719 bytes)     Controls up to 8 servos

Cost: 1 Mini-SSC & serial port cable & shipping in the USA for $50

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