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12" diameter globes, NASA maps

All $205 globes come with 10 foot hanging cable and desk stand

 Shipping costs (buy separately) at bottom of this page

Outside USA buyers -  Please include your local phone #

so I can put it on the customs form, thank you

Our globes used by European Space Agency

and JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab)

Friends: I know these globes are expensive but,

I'm not making much off them either. MY COSTS WENT UP $25:

Manufacture of globe $125      now $146.50
Shipping to me $16.50   now $18.50
Plastic stand   $5          now $8.50
Box for customer    $2
Packing materials $1
Hanging stuff  $1
Trip to Post Office $1.50
Paypal fee  
     Inside the US (3%) $5.40     now   $6
     Outside the US (4%) $7.20    now   $8
     Inside the US $157.40     now  $185
     Outside the US $159.20     now  $187
You pay $180.00     now  $205   (Very Sorry)
My Profit   
     Inside the US $22.60 = 12.5%    now  $20 = 10%
     Outside the US $20.80 =  11.5%    now  $18 = 9%
My labor 2 hours
My rate of pay $9 - $10 per hour (less than Walmart pays)

Space Place at Science North, Ontario, Canada has put up 8 of our

globes. Look at the great display of all 8 planets (thx Simon Strasser)

New 12" Ganymede Globe $205


Based on NASA pictures from Galileo mission

New 12" Io $205

Based on NASA pictures from Galileo mission

New 12" Mercury Globe $99

Based on NASA pictures from Messenger mission

New 12" Callisto Globe $205


Based on NASA pictures from Galileo mission

12" Venus Globe  $99

Price reduced (false color)

venus.jpg (42276 bytes) 

Based on radar data from the Magellan orbiter.

New 12" Venus Globe $205

Same data image but realistic colors

Based on radar data from the Magellan orbiter.

New 12" Topographic MARS Globe $110

Based on 6000 images from the Viking orbiters

New 12" Topographic Moon Globe $110

Based on LRO altimetry data rather than camera images

12" Moon Globe  $50

Old graphic version

moon.jpg (60674 bytes) 

New 12" Moon Globe $99

Uses 15,000 LRO photos Nov 2009 to Feb 2011

12" Sun  $205

Yellow SUN with sunspots near equator

12" Earth $205

This globe shows Earth from space with no cloud cover.  It is a little darker than I would like but it is still an excellent globe. 

12" Saturn Globe ONLY  $205


Black_Saturn.jpg (304148 bytes)

12" Saturn with Rings $300

Plus shipping for globe & rings (both)

Black_Saturn.jpg (304148 bytes)

         Note:  The rings are a 28" diameter acrylic ring.            

We use a Cassini mission photo of rings.

 28" Rings on black velvet

black_rings.jpg (308165 bytes)

Ring images are glued on both sides

Saturn's Rings only - $100

** Plus shipping purchased below **

  • My costs:  acrylic    $20
  • laser cutting             $20
  • images (both sides)  $20
  • packaging                $10
  • my labor (2 hrs)       $30

Neptune (actual appearance)

neptune.jpg (31137 bytes)

12" Neptune Globe  $205

New image - color is lighter blue than before

Uranus (actual appearance)

uranus.jpg (13043 bytes)

12" Uranus with Rings $160

Uranus_rings1.jpg (108777 bytes)

Globe is a 12" painted globe;  Rings are 24"


Uranus Rings Only - $80

Shows the 10 most prominent rings

** Plus shipping purchased below **

  • My costs:  acrylic    $20
  • laser cutting             $20
  • packaging                $10
  • my labor (2 hrs)       $30

12" Uranus NO Rings $60

uranus_good.jpg (43958 bytes)

Note: Globe is a 12" painted globe.  

New 12" Jupiter Globe  $205

New detailed NASA images


12" Moon Globe  $50

Price reduced

moon.jpg (60674 bytes) 

12" Mars Globe  $100

true_mars.jpg (22566 bytes)

Grid markings and features labeled

12" Natural color Mars $205

Grid markings only - no labels


europa.jpg (48965 bytes)

Europa Globe  $205  

Not available yet


Need an extra stand?

Just $11 including shipping (inside USA)


Air Shipping & Insurance costs for all Globes

Parcel post inside USA $16  (below)


Priority mail USA $45  (below)


Priority mail Canada $50  (below)


Air to Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway = $55   (below)


Air to Argentina, Brazil, HK, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan = $60   (below)


Air to United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa = $65   (below)


Comments?   Email me at