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   Some groups/organizations/people who are building android hands/arms

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1.  The The Shadow project  (London, England) has a really super hand.  Their hand has 21 DOF.  Each finger has 4 DOF and the thumb has 5 DOF.  Their hand is even for sale, but its quite expensive at 90,000 Euros ( = $119,700)   There are a lot of nice videos here.

      shadow_hand2.jpg (90749 bytes)       

      Shadow dexterous hand

2. A small French company called Techno Concept is now offering an android hand. You may contact Gilles Lopez for information about it.   The hands are custom made with 3, 4, or 5 fingers.  You also have a choice of materials. The cost is about 2,500 Euros ( = $3325).

       techno_hand.jpg (13532 bytes)    

3.  Dainichi Company, Ltd. Kani, Japan  is also offering a complete hand.  Their hand   has 20 joints and 16 DOF.  The thumb has 4 DOF, while the rest have 3 DOF each. The weight is 1.4 Kg.  This hand is quite expensive also:  One hand (hardware only) is 3,866,000 yen ( = $36,900) while the software is 1,520,000 yen ( = $14,500) or a total of 5,386,000 yen ( = $51,400).          



             GIFU III  

4. Dr. Paul Chappell of the University of Southampton has produced a fully functional hand which isintended to be used as a prosthetic hand.  It si called the Southampton Remedi-Hand.  It has 6 DOF, one for each finger and 2 for the thumb.   



  Another article is here.        New article is here 9/1/7

5. NASA's space android is called Robonaut. This is a project at Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX which is under the direction of Robert Savely. It has been underway for several years. They have a staff of about 25.  Robonaut's hands have 14 DOF each.  I wonder how much it cost?   $1,000,000?  $2,000,000?

           robonaut_new.jpg (19055 bytes)         robonaut_hand.jpg (30616 bytes)

         Robonaut                       Showing fingers

6. Juliano Iuscu is a first year student in Melbourne, Australia.   He has build a very nice hand. You can contact Juliano here. 

     He now has a website here.

          Juliano_hand.jpg (39662 bytes)       Juliano_hand2.jpg (40645 bytes)    


7. Andreas Maryanto of Surabaya, Indonesia sent me an email about his humanoid hand project.  He has lots of good pictures of it on his website here.   His hand has 11 DOF - 2 for each fingerand one extra for the thumb.   He uses servo motors to operate the fingers.Andreas is a grad student at the University of Surabaya.  Great job Andreas.

          maryanto_hand.jpg (210360 bytes)

          Maryanto Hand.

8. Faulhaber Group has a really sophisticated hand. Robotic hands for more delicate tasks have proven unsuccessful due to the lack of available technical capabilities. Positive interaction of microelectronics and micromechanics has now produced the much sought-after break through.

           Faulhaber_hand.jpg (104254 bytes)

           Faulhaber Group Hand.  

9.  Festus Abayomi sent me an email with pictures of a hand which he is working on. You can email Festus here:   Festus Abayomi

             Festus_Hand.jpg (70434 bytes)

            Abayomi Hand.    

10.  Squse, a Kyoto based robot and factory automation manufacturer, said it has developed a 400-gram (14 ounce) hand with five human-sized fingers with artificial fibers that can be controlled by air pressure.


        Pneumatically operated hand from Squse.  

11.  Touch Bionics, a Scotland firm that developed the i-LIMB Hand, a prosthesis with five individually powered fingers, has announced the availability of the device. The company, an Edinburgh medical device developer, is also making ProDigits partial hand prostheses, based on similar technology.   Another article.


       There is a video here.   The new-found freedom the device provides is not cheap, though. The I-Limb Hand costs approximately $18,000, or two times the cost of normal prosthetics.  A gentleman recently emailed me that the $18,000 is only part of the cost. When the fittings and customization are included the cost is $40,000 or more.

12. DEKA Research and Development of Manchester (UK) has built a robotic arm which can be used as a prosthetic arm by those who have lost their own due to accident or war.   Here is a good article about it.    Unfortunately it costs about $100,000 =  80,000 Euros



13.  Craft House is offering a pair of hands for just $600.   They look pretty good.


14. Robotic Hand/arm by David Ng

13 DOF Hand/Arm - $5500

Ng_hand1.jpg (35081 bytes)      Ng_hand2.jpg (31415 bytes)

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