Valerie's Legs

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What's New

We have completed the shell pieces for Valerie's legs 

    This amounts to 8 pieces which require 3 molds to produce each one - for a total of 24 molds.

      Left leg.                                             Right leg.

      Thigh front:   LF_thigh.jpg (35329 bytes)           Thigh front:   RF_thigh.jpg (34756 bytes)

      Thigh back:  LB_thigh.jpg (39012 bytes)            Thigh back:  RB_thigh.jpg (38372 bytes)

      Left shin:      L_shin.jpg (42294 bytes)            Right shin:    R_shin.jpg (37795 bytes)  

      Left calf:      L_calf.jpg (41172 bytes)             Right cal:     R_calf.jpg (37165 bytes)


              When placed beside the original, this is how they look:

                                    legs2.jpg (37113 bytes)     


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